Level the Floor

About This Project

What a project to replace the floor in this sunroom-turned-kitchen! Once the vinyl flooring was removed, we discovered that the gypcrete on top of the subfloor hadn’t been installed properly and was cracking. So it had to be removed, too. But an even bigger problem was that the original subfloor sloped down from the living room to the outside corner of the house. We used lasers to determine the subfloor was more than 4 inches out of level—and it was still 1 ½ inches below the living room floor! Instead of pouring new gypcrete, we used furring strips cut with laser-accuracy to level the new subfloor and bring it to the same height as the living room floor. We also had to reinstall the patio door at the new floor height. Now the main level of this home is ready for new, unified flooring to be installed.

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