Stylish & Safe Transformation: Modern Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

About This Project

Becky & Zach approached Beams to Basements with a clear vision for their home renovation, equipped with carefully selected cabinets and design elements. They expected a straightforward update to their kitchen and bathroom, but the discovery of asbestos in the demo zone transformed how their renovation would be completed. The homeowners promptly hired a certified remediation company who worked in tandem with Beams to Basements to safely remove and dispose of the contaminated materials. Our team meticulously marked out areas for demolition, including the new locations for can lights and heating vents, so the remediation experts could carefully handle the asbestos-containing building materials. The homeowners were relieved that the cost for testing and proper remediation (approximately $4,500) did NOT bust their budget as they’d feared it would.

The project also highlights our team’s exceptional problem-solving skills when they discovered weaknesses in the subfloors. Josh had planned to remove an extra subfloor layer to create seamless integration between the new kitchen tile and existing hardwood floors. Through resourceful planning, he minimized material costs by repurposing plywood from the kitchen floor to repair the subfloors. This adjustment was communicated transparently to the homeowners through pictures and an official Change Order, ensuring their full understanding and approval of the necessary changes to their project cost and timeline. Doing a project the right way, especially with environmental testing and remediation, is not just a safety measure and legal requirement, but also a pathway to achieving a dream renovation.

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